Helen Marshall
Everything That Is Born

In the old days, death meant a body gone quiet, a marionette with its strings cut, a going away. But now all that has changed. For the ones who are diagnosed as transitional, death has come to mean something else—an irresistible ushering towards transformation.

After her sister Kira drowns, seventeen-year-old Sophie Perella finds herself lashed by grief and dangerously unprepared to face her own diagnosis. Rejected by her mother and trapped in a city she doesn’t know, Sophie spirals into a nightmare of guilt until she resolves to steal her sister’s body from the morgue. But this reckless decision will bring her into terrifying proximity with a world on the verge of ecological collapse and the families who have been left behind to ride out the storm. Yet as Sophie watches her sister’s slow transformation, she discovers that perhaps there is hope after all—if she can be brave enough and strong enough to go after it.

An aunt obsessed by the relics of a 500-year-old plague, a cabal of Oxford undergraduates with nothing to lose, and a fellow outsider who has seen for himself the truth of what these transformations mean—their stories converge over a year of wonder, loss and love, the coming of a beautiful apocalypse, which will reveal the power of the human heart to face extraordinary tragedy—and survive.

Praise for Helen Marshall's Gifts for the One Who Comes After:

Winner, Shirley Jackson Award, Single Author Collection (2015)

“Helen Marshall is a writer who creates real people in real situations, then uses the fantastic to pry her way inside her readers’ ribcages and break us wide open.” —Neil Gaiman

“Marshall is a master at bizarre, myth-infused scenarios that play on a reader’s subconscious in ways creepy and oddly pleasurable” —National Post

“Helen Marshall whispers in your ear when she fits the noose around your neck, filling you with wonder and dread, urging you into a startling, beautiful darkness. These stories—which sometimes feel more like spells—are the very best kind of unsettling.” —Benjamin Percy, author of Red Moon

Praise for Helen Marshall's Hair Side, Flesh Side:

Shortlisted, British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer (2013)
Selected, Aurora Award for Best Related Work (2013)
Longlisted, Frank O’Connor International Short Story Prize (2013)

“A tour de force of imagination, this remarkable debut collection uses the conventions of dark fantasy and horror as the framework for some of speculative fiction’s most unusual stories.” —Library Journal, starred review

Hair Side, Flesh Side is a strong first collection of speculative fiction . . . it’s how Marshall sees us reconcile these ghosts with the world of the living that give her stories the weight of immediacy. She is a talent to be discovered, and one hopes that she will continue to balance her medieval research with her prose. There are, no doubt, many more old bones to dig up.”
National Post

Genre: Fiction—Speculative/Horror
Publication Date: Spring 2018

Canada English rights, Random House Canada

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Author Name
Aurora Award-winner HELEN MARSHALL is an author, editor, and self-proclaimed bibliophile. Having earned her Ph.D at the University of Toronto’s prestigious Centre for Medieval Studies, Helen has presented widely in England, Canada and the United States on topics ranging from the width of medieval punctuation to fourteenth-century romances. Her 2011 collection of poetry Skeleton Leaves was jury-selected for the Preliminary Ballot of the Bram Stoker Award for excellence in Horror, nominated for a Rhysling Award for Science Fiction Poetry and won the Aurora Award for best Canadian speculative poem. Recently she released Hair Side, Flesh Side, a short story collection about history, memory, and cost of creating art. Her poetry and fiction have been published in a range of magazines including Tor.com, The Chiaroscuro, Paper Crow, Abyss & Apex, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.