Joe Beernink
Nowhere Wild

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A dark and riveting survival story set against a rugged northern landscape ...

Izzy is just thirteen when a flu pandemic turns the world upside down. After her sister is attacked by a roving gang of looters in what remains of their town, Izzy flees to the wilderness with a man who claims he will protect her.

Sixteen-year-old Jake is stranded and alone in the unforgiving northern Manitoba backcountry. His mother and grandfather have died and his father has gone missing while searching for help. Desperate to find a way home, Jake begins a trek over some of the most forbidding landscape in the country.

Both Jake and Izzy are forced to make decisions and take on responsibilities they could never have imagined. They must draw on every shred of resourcefulness and courage as they try to save themselves and, ultimately, each other.

Praise for Joe Beernink's Nowhere Wild:

“The main theme of Nowhere Wild is survival, from mourning the death of relatives, to physical survival in the bush, to the nature of how to survive abusive attacks. There is much fodder for discussion here . . . Nowhere Wild will be popular with outdoor enthusiasts and readers of post-apocalyptic fiction.” —CM Magazine

“A gripping story of survival and self-discovery, Nowhere Wild is a contemporary adventure novel that reads like a classic.” —Deb Caletti, author of Stay and National Book Award finalist Honey, Baby, Sweetheart

“Dark, intense, and nail-bitingly scary, Nowhere Wild . . . moves seamlessly between male and female perspectives, to poignantly tell the trauma of coming of age amid loss, deprivation, and sexual violence. Challenging subject matter is handled with discretion and authenticity, and Beernink never loses sight of his target audience. A sure bet for Brian Paulsen fans, Nowhere Wild is a promising debut.” —National Reading Campaign

“The characters are complex and compelling. Izzy is resourceful, strong and determined to make her own way to safety. She has difficulty trusting Jake, after all that she has lost. Jake understands her reluctance to trust him and is patient as he, too, deals with great loss. Rick inadvertently teaches Izzy many of the skills she will need for surviving in the bush. The northern Manitoba wilderness is carefully drawn to explore the dangers inherent in trying to find your way in such an unbelievably harsh environment. Dramatic and with a feeling of unease at every turn, this debut novel is sure to attract many teen readers with its story of love, loss, terror and ultimately, survival.” —Sal’s Fiction Addiction

Length: 304 pp (hc)
Publication Date: August 2015

Canada English rights, HarperCollins Canada

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JOE BEERNINK grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario, and graduated from York University with a B.Sc. in Space and Communication Science. He currently makes his living as a software developer near Seattle, Washington, where he lives with his wife and two children. He blogs about his writing and his life at joebeernink.com.