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Jesse Bullington
The Folly of the World


The Folly of the World by Jesse Bullington In the cities and towns of the 15th century Low Countries, a civil war rages that is anything but civil. The faction of the self-described Cods (the merchant class seen as having grown too big), and their adversaries, the Hooks (the noble class that intends to catch/arrest the Cods’ rise in power), wage a combat on fields both literal and political, with lines drawn between noble and merchant, land-owner and land-worker, father and son, and, unbeknownst to all but a select few, human and monster.

Against this backdrop, Edgar, conman, charlatan and escape artist, and his mentor and partner, Daniël Valconburg, a.k.a. Lubbert of Sneek, determine that the great St Elizabeth Flood is the perfect opportunity to impersonate a non-existent distant relative in order to become aristocrats and inherit all that remains. All they need is a very good swimmer.

Praise for Jesse Bullington’s The Folly of the World:

A Los Angeles Times Best Books of 2012 selection

"This dark and memorable novel, complete with its dark and memorable characters, is among the more distinctive reads around."
The Bookbag, UK

"It is likely you have never read a book like this one. Bullington takes inspiration from a 16th-century painting and the Flemish proverbs therein to spin a wildly fantastical tale that will keep you guessing at every turn. This book and its distinctive characters will charm you."
RT Book Reviews, starred review

"Bullington’s fans will be happy to see him bring his trademark dark humor, gritty detail, and loopy characters into a new gruesome landscape."
Publishers Weekly

Genre/Category: Fantasy
Setting: Europe
Period: 15th Century

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Jesse Bullington
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Jesse Bullington was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. He received his Magna Cum Laude Bachelor degree in both History and English Literature from Florida State University.

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