Lucy Clarke
The Blue

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A group of friends. A yacht. And a disappearance-at-sea that turns paradise into a chilling nightmare.

Lana and her best friend Kitty leave home looking for freedom—and that’s exactly what they find when they are invited onto The Blue, a fifty-foot yacht making its way from the Philippines to New Zealand. The crew is made up of a group of young travellers bitten by wanderlust, and it doesn’t take long for Lana and Kitty’s dream of sea-bound romance to turn into reality.

Both women fall under the hypnotic spell of The Blue, spending their days exploring remote islands and their rum-filled nights relaxing on deck beneath the stars. But when one of their friends disappears overboard after an argument with another crewmember, the dark secrets that brought each of them aboard start to unravel.

At turns gorgeously scenic and entirely haunting, The Blue is a page-turning thriller about friendship, freedom and wanting to leave the past behind.

Praise for Lucy Clarke's The Blue:

"Vivid imagery, increasing tension, and smooth prose immerse the reader in the rhythm of the ocean and the isolation of life at sea. Fans of psychological suspense will be taken in by Clarke's fast-paced and engrossing read." —Library Journal

“Clarke handles the joys, challenges, and chores of sailing with easy confidence and does just as fine a job with her misfit crew" —Publisher’s Weekly

"Tense and atmospheric, The Blue begins as an exotic adventure and turns chilling as tragedy and secrets unfold on the open sea. Clarke vividly depicts the ocean voyage in this immersive tale both the beauty of an idyllic escape and its descent into something more sinister." —Laura McHugh, author of The Weight of Blood

Praise for Lucy Clarke's Swimming at Night:

"An intensely emotional story of love, loss and deception . . . Clarke skillfully envelops readers in a delicate, romantic story tinged with intrigue and set in a breathtakingly exotic locale." —Kirkus Reviews

"A satisfying exploration of two sisters’ relationship, cleverly put together and written in a way that draws the reader along." —Free-Lance Star

"In the same vein as Rosamund Lupton’s Sister, Clarke takes the reader on an exciting and mysterious trail. . . . [She] does a nice job of creating characters who make us care about them and situations that are exciting and believable. A great read for fans of smart contemporary women’s fiction as well as thriller and mystery readers." —Library Journal, starred review

"Alternating chapters juxtaposing the two sisters’ lives engage readers from the start in Clarke’s accomplished debut." —Booklist

Length: 320 pages (hc)
Setting: Pacific Ocean
Period: Contemporary
Publication Date: August 2015 (hc)

Canada English, Simon & Schuster Canada

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LUCY CLARKE is the author of Swimming at Night (a.k.a The Sea Sisters) and A Single Breath. She and her husband, a professional windsurfer, spend their winters traveling and their summers at their home on the south coast of England. Visit Lucy-Clarke.com.