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Carole Enahoro
Doing Dangerously Well


Doing Dangerously Well by Carole EnahoroA dark comedy about disaster capitalism, cutthroat office politics, vicious sibling rivalry, hapless do-gooderism and the corporatization of water.

When a humanitarian catastrophe strikes Nigeria, an unforgettable cast of Machiavellian opportunists and Quixotic do-gooders swoop in to make the most of the tragedy.

Some time in the near future, Kainji Dam, the engineering marvel that is the pride of Nigeria, collapses, killing thousands of villagers downstream. The Minister for Natural Resources can hardly believe his luck—now he can make a bid for the presidency. On the other side of the world, the grimly ambitious executive of a water company sniffs an opportunity to privatize water concessions in Africa. Her sister, Barbara, who has never encountered a cause she could not carry a placard for, gets up off her yoga mat and joins forces with Femi Jegede, a charismatic Nigerian activist whose family was swept away in the disaster. The result: a wickedly satirical romp along a road to hell paved with both good and bad intentions. Brazen, hilarious and sublimely written, Carole Enahoro’s debut novel is simply dazzling.

Praise for Carole Enahoro’s Doing Dangerously Well:

Shortlisted for the 2011 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, Canada and Caribbean Best First Book

“Reading Carole Enahoro’s work is like encountering a tree dripping with fruit — one is taken aback by the richness of what she creates. She is both generous and riveting.” —Douglas Coupland

“A hilarious send-up of geopolitical mendacity, Enahoro’s novel circles the world in search of absurdity and finds it everywhere. Diasporic fiction is nothing new in Canada … but never before has it been such a romp. Adopting her attitude and technique from the rich oral culture of southern Nigeria, Enahoro puts satire to work with an equanimity that has already shocked some readers … [she] uses humour to disguise her serious intent.” —The Globe and Mail (reviewed by John Barber)

“A darkly comedic burlesque that lampoons ... well, just about everything: water rights, political ambition, corporate greed, sibling rivalry, political correctness, marital bliss, Thanksgiving turkey, even Wittgenstein’s idea of the sublime … Enahoro’s narrative voice is never strident, but rather compassionate, engaged and grimly coy … she also creates notable images of still, sonorous beauty. It is no mean thing to say that Enahoro has caught something of our time. Doing Dangerously Well does just that, an intriguing and heartfelt assault.” —The Globe and Mail (reviewed by Karen Luscombe)

“Enahoro excels at discription. Also noteworthy are the humourous exchanges.” —Winnipeg Free Press

Length: 480 pp

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Carole Enahoro
Photo credit: Wendy Ashley
  Carole Enahoro was born in London of a Nigerian father and an English mother, and grew up in Nigeria, Britain, and Canada. Her family has been involved in Nigerian politics, diplomacy, and journalism since Nigerian independence. After university, she worked as a film/TV producer and an art history lecturer in Britain and Canada. She is currently working on a PhD at University College London (UCL) researching satire and Nigerian urbanism, and shares her time between Canada, Britain and Nigeria.