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Thirst by Shree GhatageThe gorgeous, poignant new novel about unexpected love within an arranged marriage in mid-century India, by the award-winning author of Brahma’s Dream.

Thirst is about many forms of desire—and most particularly, at its heart, about love unexpectedly found and lost during a difficult time (WWII) and in an unlikely spot: within a hastily arranged union between two young people who begin their marriage as complete strangers. The lovers are Vasanti, an intelligent woman who has nonetheless grown up naive and protected; and Baba, the scion of a prominent Brahmin family who longs to study in London, thus escaping the family compound in Bombay. The novel moves between the lushness of India and the sombre grayness of London during the Blitz, even as Ghatage brilliantly unwinds the story of two conflicted people who, slowly but surely, learn to tolerate, then like, then passionately love each other just as their worlds fall apart.

Praise for Shree Ghatage's Thirst:

"The plot of Thirst hurtles along with that breathless quality in books we find hard to put down ... Ghatage writes with emotional honesty and elegance. Thirst is a delicious pleasure to read." —The Toronto Star

"Fans of Shree Ghatage's first novel, Brahma's Dream, will appreciate her follow-up, which features the return of Vasanti, the aunt of the earlier novel's 13-year-old protagonist ... The strength of Ghatage's elegantly written novel lies in the tender depiction of Vasanti and Baba's blossoming relationship in Nagpur, and of Vasanti's stalwart loyalty to her husband." —Quill and Quire

Praise for Shree Ghatage’s Brahma’s Dream:

2005 Kiriyama Notable Book

“Delightful . . . Ghatage’s elegant, effortless prose weaves the fine, domestic strands that comprise the Oek’s daily life. . . . In writing Brahma’s Dream, Ghatage took on the challenge of treading some much-explored territory, already trod by rather daunting literary heavyweights. . . . Brahma’s Dream, a quietly captivating, highly accomplished debut novel with a brave and enchanting girl at its heart, suggests [Ghatage] has risen to that challenge.” —The Globe and Mail

“A coming-of-age story, one all the more affecting for the fact that its heroine’s life is precarious, is combined with a powerful evocation of how history impinges on ordinary people. . . . Ghatage [has a] flair for the unconventional, empathetic point of view.” —The Gazette (Montreal)

“Richly textured and utterly absorbing, Shree Ghatage’s powerful evocation of Gandhi's India is a work of integrity and deep affection.” —Joan Clark, author of Latitudes of Melt

“Author Shree Ghatage paints a wonderful portrait of a family, a culture and a country. . . . [She] has created a remarkable and truly memorable character in Mohini. . . . Ghatage has an exquisite ability to tell a moving story.”
The Chronicle-Herald (Halifax)

Brahma’s Dream affirms [Ghatage] as a mature and gifted writer.”
Quill & Quire starred review

Length: 352 pp
Setting: UK and India
Period: World War II
Publication Date: May 2012

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Photo Credit: Rohan Ghatage
  Shree Ghatage is the author of the short story collection Awake When All the World Is Asleep, which won the Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award and was nominated for several other awards. Ghatage and her family came to Canada in the early 1980s and after spending fifteen years in the Maritimes, recently moved to Calgary.