Jason Hrivnak
Mutilation Song

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Thomas hears voices, the most prominent of which is that of a demon called Dinn. The demon re-frames Thomas’ declining mental health as a kind of nightmarish adventure, an opportunity to leave behind the world that he has known and join the forces of hell. When Thomas takes the demon at his word, applying himself to his so-called training, he finds himself being called upon to perform unspeakable acts. But Dinn has painted the world in such dark, forbidding colours that soon Thomas lacks both the will and the means to seek the help he so desperately needs.

Praise for Jason Hrivnak's The Plight House:

“First Rule of The Plight House: everyone talk about The Plight House. Hrivnak writes like a crazy angel in this addictive, astonishing debut.”
—Lynn Crosbie, author of Where Did You Sleep Last Night and Life is About Losing Everything

"The first ordeal in this House is the act of reading. It presents us with a deforming (or true) mirror that reflects what we are determined not to see. But this atmosphere, which comes from Sade, from Kafka, from the great gothic and surrealist novels, engages us from the very start.”
—Alain Nicolas, “Quel cauchemar êtes-vous?” in l’Humanité

“There is something astonishing in [The Plight House].”
—Mathieu Lindon, “Jeux Pernicieux Inc.”

Genre: Fiction—Literary Horror
Length: 198 pages (ms)
Publication Date: September 2018

North America English rights, ChiZine Publications

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Author Name
Born and raised in Toronto, JASON HRIVNAK’s first novel, The Plight House, was published by Pedlar Press in 2009, earning praise from readers of both horror and literary fiction. Highlights include a shortlist nomination for the ReLit Award and inclusion on Dennis Cooper’s web-showcase “Three books I recently read and loved.” A Japanese article and excerpt appeared in English Journal 10 (Oct. 2015), translation by Motoyuki Shibata. A French edition of the novel was published by Éditions de l’Ogre in January 2017, translation by Claro, to great acclaim. Mutilation Song is his second novel. An excerpt, titled “The Novice,” appeared in the 2016 edition of the Tokyo-based annual Monkey Business.