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Shona MacLean
The Redemption of Alexander Seaton


The Redemption of Alexander Seaton by Shona MacleanWhen a man collapses in front of two prostitutes on a dark, wet night, the sisters guess, rightly, that he’s been poisoned. So begins this gripping tale set in Scotland in the 1620s. The body of the victim is found in the house of Alexander Seaton, a fallen minister, the discovery of whose clandestine love affair has left him disgraced and deprived him of his vocation. He sets out to solve the crime, embarking on a journey where he encounters a witch hunt, extreme religious prejudice, cruelty, and the darkness in men’s souls. At the same time it is a personal quest for Seaton that leads him to rediscover his faith in God and his belief in himself.

Praise for Shona MacLean’s The Redemption of Alexander Seaton:

“Pacy and literate… this is an accomplished and thought-provoking debut.” —The Guardian (UK)

“An astonishingly accomplished first novel. Shona MacLean has wrought a fine, rich, beautiful thriller that never loses sight of the heights to which the human soul can soar, even while it explores the depths to which envy, jealousy, hatred and greed can take it. This is a delight on all levels, literate, engaging and moving.” —Manda Scott  

“Shona MacLean’s debut novel is not a book, it is a time machine. To open the first page is to be transported... Straight away you are in the thick of the intrigue, the mystery, and the lives of the characters it revolves around...The Redemption of Alexander Seaton is a great read, a thrilling murder mystery that will have you captivated from start to finish.” —Bookbag

Length: 320 pp
Setting: Scotland
Period: 1620s

Canadian rights, Penguin Group (Canada)
UK rights, Quercus

For all other rights contact Greene & Heaton.

Shona MacLean   Shona MacLean was born in Inverness and grew up in the Scottish highlands where her parents were hoteliers. She has an M.A. and Ph.D. in History from the University of Aberdeen. She lives on the Banffshire coast with her husband and four children.