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Kiss Me First

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When Leila discovers the website Red Pill, she feels she has finally found people who understand her. A sheltered young woman raised by her mother, Leila has often struggled to connect with the girls at school; but on Red Pill, a chat forum for ethical debate, Leila comes into her own, impressing the website's founder, a brilliant and elusive man named Adrian. Leila is thrilled when Adrian asks to meet her, and is flattered when he invites her to be part of "Project Tess."

Tess is a woman Leila might never have met in real life. She is beautiful, urbane, witty, and damaged. As they email, chat, and Skype, Leila becomes enveloped in the world of Tess, learning every single thing she can about this other woman--because soon, Leila will have to become her.

An ingeniously plotted novel of stolen identity, Kiss Me First is brilliantly frightening about the lies we tell--to ourselves, and to others, for good, and for ill.

Praise for Lottie Moggach's Kiss Me First:


"As governments' use of the internet is under the spotlight, Moggach... offers an engaging and suspenseful look at the subtle perils the web presents to the human condition." —Financial Times

"The potentialities and pitfalls of contemporary communication are brilliantly explored here. Lost souls are deftly brought together in the plot, their rational thinking in some way skewed by the tensions in their life..." —Metro (UK)

"You can't exactly call Lottie Moggach's debut, Kiss Me First, a high-tech thriller... But it's the story's everyday believability that makes Kiss Me First so chilling... Moggach sucks us into the rabbit hole of her dangerous obsession with deftly timed twists and memorable characters." —Entertainment Weekly

"Moggach's debut draws the reader into a series of events that bring together three very disparate individuals and puts them into a bizarre game of chance and deceit... In Leila, Moggach has drawn a young woman who is convincingly nave in the ways of the world and incapable of making good decisions. The story crackles with tension until the end... An interesting first book that manages to incorporate technology into a sexy psychological thriller." —Kirkus Review

"A gripping psychological thriller, [Kiss Me First] is all the more disturbing for its plausibility... Moggach's skill in plotting means readers won't anticipate the twists and turns built into the story, making for an intensely enjoyable reading experience." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A startlingly modern novel which is a page turner, a character study and an examination of the rights and responsibilities around suicide. Expect huge media interest: this really is the book that everyone will be reading." —The Bookseller

Genre/Category: Fiction/Psychological Thriller
Length: 320 pages
Setting: London, the World Wide Web
Period: Contemporary
Publication Date: July 9 2013

Canada English rights, Bond Street Books
UK English rights, Picador

For all other rights contact The Cooke Agency.
Lottie Moggach

A London native from a family of acclaimed writers, LOTTIE MOGGACH attended Sussex University before she began a career in journalism at The Times. There, she worked as a feature writer, book reviewer, and columnist for several years. She currently publishes in a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Financial Times, Time Out, ELLE, GQ, and others. Kiss Me First is her first novel.