Lilian Nattel
Web of Angels


Web of Angels by Lilian Nattel From the internationally acclaimed author of the award-winning novel The River Midnight, published in nine territories, comes a literary thriller that questions the very meaning of identity and reminds us that the purest sort of evil can exist in our neighbourhoods, on our streets, even next door.

A happily married mother of three, Sharon’s life seems very ordinary on the surface of things. Her husband adores her, her children love her and her mother-in-law drives her just a little bit crazy. And she always knows where to find the missing keys and socks. But the gruesome suicide of Heather Edwards, a pregnant teenager and close friend of the Lewis family, threatens to shatter the surface.

Sharon has D.I.D., Dissociative Identity Disorder, what used to be known as Multiple Personalities, and this carefully kept secret may be the very thing that will resolve the mystery of the tragic suicide of Heather Edwards. As Sharon tries to reconcile what she knows to be true and what she suspects may be true, different sides of her personality begin to contribute answers to the many questions surrounding Heather’s death. In doing so, however, they risk exposure and Sharon must decide whether she is ready to share her true nature with her family and friends. Of course, things at the Edwards’ home are not what they seem to be either, but will Sharon convince her quiet community that evil things can happen even in the nicest homes?

Praise for Lilian Nattel’s Web of Angels:

National Bestseller

“Right from the first sentence, Web of Angels is astonishing, shocking, loving. Lilian Nattel leads us in an exploration of how our communities cope with deep heartache, the loss of our young, and how we, as individuals, cope with trauma and the communities we carry within ourselves. Step into this novel and you will find yourself submerged; wake from it, and you will find yourself transformed. Web of Angels is a rare gift, perfectly named; within this novel, Lilian Nattel has offered us the work, the weave, of angels … The novel is heartbreakingly lovely.” —Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Length: 368 pp
Genre/Category: Literary Thriller

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Lilian Nattel   Lilian Nattel was born in Montreal and now lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters. She is the author of The River Midnight and The Singing Fire.

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