Edward O. Phillips
A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays is the latest novel in the critically acclaimed ‘Sunday’ series of mysteries, featuring Geoffrey Chadwick, corporate lawyer, reluctant hero and wry social commentator. 

The first novel in the series, Sunday’s Child, was published in 1981 and won the Arthur Ellis Award for best novel. Phillips has been hailed by The Globe and Mail as “Canada’s Oscar Wilde”. He is the author of a number of short stories, one of which, “Matthew and Chauncy”, became the 1988 French film, Salut Victor!.

Praise for Edward O. Phillips’ previous work:

“Canada’s answer to Oscar Wilde… a genuine comedy of manners. Voyage on Sundays Geoffrey Chadwick is every hostess’s favourite dinner guest, every single woman’s ideal escort, and every tourist’s favourite travelling companion.” —The Globe and Mail

Sunday’s Child is a masterful and original novel.” —The Globe and Mail

“In The Mice Will Play, the writing flows wonderfully…a pleasure to the eye, the mind, and the heart.” —Merilyn Simonds

“The feelings run deep and Sunday’s Child speaks sensibly, amusingly, and passionately.” —Marion Engel

Genre/Category: mystery
Setting: Montreal
Period: contemporary
Publication date: October 2012

Canadian (English, French) rights, Cormorant Books

For all other rights contact The Cooke Agency.

    Edward O. Phillips won the Arthur Ellis Award for Buried on Sunday and is the author of many short stories and novels. He lives in Montreal.

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