Holly Phillips
At the Edge of Waking

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We are all haunted by our common past — and we are haunted equally by our personal pasts. These hauntings are given full reign in Phillips's new collection of stories. From the gaslight world in the grip of a coming ice age, to werewolves driven into the cities by World War II; from the dreams of a writer a long way from home, to a necromancer suffering a crisis of conscience in the North African desert and a weary revenant who has been striving to keep magic out of the world for a thousand years, Phillips plays out the variations of histories that might have been, the histories that could never be — and the deeply personal struggles with morality and fate that shape all of our histories, and even History itself.

Praise for Holly Phillips's At the Edge of Waking:

"'She knows what to do with shadows,' Peter S. Beagle writes with perfect accuracy in his introduction to this moody, haunting collection from fantasist Phillips. 'Gin' and 'Country Mothers' Sons' depict families with dangerous secrets: alcoholism and lycanthropy. The dehumanizing realities of war and its consequences form the foundations of 'Brother of the Moon' and 'Virgin of the Sands.' In 'The Rescue,' a young woman is imprisoned in a mental hospital as a hostage to ensure her rebellious family's cooperation. A mild-mannered historian is saddled with the role of protecting the world's magic in 'Proving the Rule.' The most haunting stories reveal the alien and strange beneath the normal: life forms under the Antarctic ice in 'Cold Water Survival,' the troubled writer of 'Queen of the Butterfly Kingdom' whose muse offers another reality beyond the unkind real world, and the murky, potentially dangerous line between imagination and illusion in 'Castle Rock.' Phillips's crisp, dense writing draws readers into intimate, seductive worlds of shadow and emotion." —Publishers Weekly

"Superb prose . . . I'll just end by giving this collection my highest possible recommendation as one of the best books of 2012." —Locus

Length: 288 pp
Genre/category: Short story collection/fantasy
Publication Date: September 4, 2012

World English, Prime

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Holly Phillips

HOLLY PHILLIPS was educated at Simon Fraser University and the Kootenay School of the Arts in British Columbia. She has been writing seriously for more than ten years, and has been published for six. Between 2001 and 2006, Holly was an editor at On Spec, the Canadian magazine of the fantastic.Her poetry and short fiction has appeared in magazines across North America, in markets as diverse as Asimov's and TheNew Quarterly. Her first book-length publication, a short story collection called In the Palace of Repose (Prime Books,2005), has received wide-spread critical attention, including positive reviews in Publisher's Weekly, Rain Taxi, and Realms of Fantasy, among many other venues, and earned a starred review as well as a place on the year's Top Ten SF list in Booklist, and a mention in Locus' Recommended Reading List for 2005. Holly's first novel, The Burning Girl, was published in 2006.