Gordon Pitts
Stampede!: The Rise of the West and Canada’s New Power Elite


Stampede! by Gordon PittsImagine a future for Canada where Alberta is the corporate and cultural kingpin, Ontario is on the ropes, and Quebec is almost irrelevant.

Not so long ago, all these scenarios would have been considered ludicrous. But as bestselling business writer Gordon Pitts documents in this fascinating and brilliantly illuminating new book, they are now within the realm of possibility as corporate clout, political influence, and population shift dramatically from East to West. This westward push of power has been the story of Canada over the past one hundred years, as first Halifax then Montreal and Toronto assumed dominance. Soon, however, Calgary and Edmonton will take command of the financial and corporate landscape.

Stampede! The Rise of the West and Canada’s New Power Elite speculates on how all this might happen; the people who could make it happen; and how those people became players in this stampede of power to Alberta. Above all, Stampede! is about business leadership and how it is changing right across the country. It zeroes in on the corporate leaders in Alberta who will set the business and social agenda in Canada for decades to come.

For Canadians outside Alberta, this is an introduction to their new bosses. But the story includes deeper portraits of national beneficiaries and victims of this shift. It documents winners and losers from across the country, from the wannabe Albertans in Newfoundland, to the entrenched family fortunes of Quebec inc., and the manufacturers and bankers of Central Canada, who are facing unprecedented challenges to their wealth and authority.

Praise for Gordon Pitts's Stampede!:

Winner of the 2009 National Business Book Award

“[A] compelling read for people serious about Canada and the welcome revelation that the West is not a threat—it is a promise. It is a balanced overview of the forces and people behind the steady shift west of Canada’s power base.” —The Globe and Mail

“Gordon Pitts’ highly relevant and compulsively readable Stampede! purports to be a personalized probe of Calgary's future. But it turns out to be much more than that: it expands into an intelligent and curiously credible blueprint of Canada’s future.” —Literary Review of Canada

Length: 360 pp
Setting: Canada
Period: contemporary

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  Gordon Pitts is a business reporter at The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. His bestselling Kings of Convergence, Storming the Fortress and In the Blood were finalists for National Business Book Awards. Gordon Pitts lives with his wife and two daughters in Toronto.

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