Marsha Skrypuch
Making Bombs for Hitler


Cover Making Bombs for Hitler A heartbreaking and inspirational story of one child's fierce determination to uncover her past against incredible odds

Marsha Skrypuch’s Making Bombs for Hitler tells the story of Lida, who is abducted from Reichskommissariat, Ukraine in 1943 and forced to work for the Nazis in Germany as an Eastern Worker, or Ostarbeiter. The Ostarbeiters are subcontracted as slave labourers for both private industry and the military. They receive nominal payment, but heavy deductions are made for the starvation diet they are given and the prison-like accommodations in which they are forced to live.

Based on the true stories of surviving Ukrainian Ostarbeiters, it has only been in the last few decades that Ostarbeiters have felt comfortable enough to share their wartime experiences, as they initially feared extradition to the Soviet Union and imprisonment there after the war.

Praise for Marsha Skrypuch’s Making Bombs for Hitler:

Shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice 2011 Diamond Willow Award
Shortlisted, Kobzar Literary Award (2014)
Winner, Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award (2014)
Winner, Silver Birch Award for Fiction (2013)

"Making Bombs for Hitler is a sensitively written page turner that teaches lessons in courage, faith, ingenuity and hard work . . . It is an important story." —The Montreal Gazette

"Making Bombs for Hitler does an incredible job of recounting the hateful acts committed against Jews and other 'undesirables' during the war. It is a safe and sensitive book, as well as a great conversation starter, allowing for more than a few teachable moments with young people who read it."
The Guelph Mercury

"Making Bombs for Hitler is a most worthy addition to the body of juvenile literature about the Second World War, and it is a novel that definitely continues to break new ground in terms of its subject matter."
CM Magazine

"Parents and educators may wish to use sections of the novel as a starting point for discussions about some of the events of World War II and how these events have impacted our laws today." —Resource Links

Genre/Category: Middle grade fiction
Setting: Europe
Period: World War II
Publication date: Spring 2012

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Marsha Skrypuch   Marsha Skrypuch’s books have been nominated for many awards, including ALA Best Book for Teens 2009, CLA Children’s Book of the Year 2006, OLA Best Bets, and many provincial readers’ choice awards including Red Maple, Silver Birch and White Pine. In 2008 she was bestowed with the Order of Princess Olha by President Yushchenko of Ukraine for her writings about the Holodomor (Ukrainian Famine). She lives in Brantford, Ontario.

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