Robin Spano
Death's Last Run (Book 3: Clare Vengel)

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A young snowboarder is found dead on the Blackcomb Glacier, and Whistler police want to close the case as suicide. The victim's mother, a U.S. senator, says her daughter would not, and did not, kill herself. At her request, the FBI sends in an undercover agent — Clare Vengel — to find out who might have killed Sacha and why. Dropped into a world of partying with ski bums and snow bunnies, Clare soon discovers that Sacha was involved in an LSD smuggling ring. Worse: the top cop in Whistler is in cahoots with the smugglers, and Clare's cover is too precarious for comfort. As suspicion snowballs, can Clare solve the case before she's buried alive?

Praise for Robin Spano's Death's Last Run:

"Death's Last Run is breezy entertainment, and Clare is a heroine fun-loving enough to spend some time with." —National Post

"Spano's prose is witty and stylish. Her mystery is complex, multi-layered, and chock full of suspects and misdirects ... while the book's mood and tone are generally light, the story has its fair share of edges, offering not only a shockingly deep and thought-provoking commentary on U.S. drug policy, but a scathing take-down of U.S. electoral politics, as well.... Buy yourself a copy, and then strap on a helmet, because Death's Last Run is a twisty, turny, mogul-filled ride from start to thrilling finish." —Crimespree Magazine

"Death's Last Run by Robin Spano isn't your standard mystery novel... Spano capitalizes on the element of surprise like few authors, and she somehow manages to do it in a way that doesn't seem cheap or flashy or unearned. Buy this book, buckle up, and enjoy the rollercoaster of a ride." —Criminal Element

"In Spano's engaging third Clare Vengel Undercover novel (after 2011's Death Plays Poker), FBI agent Claire poses as amateur skier Lucy Lipton in Whistler, British Columbia, while investigating the suspicious death of New York Senator Martha Westlake's daughter, Alexandra "Sacha" Westlake... Spano weaves what could have been a far-fetched plot into a believable tale of estrangement, love, lust, greed, power, and revenge." —Publisher's Weekly

"Death's Last Run is a wildly fun, adrenalin-fueled ride.... Usually when I'm reading a novel, my mind is busy working out metaphors, imagery, ideology, thematic preoccupations, and political leanings. While I was reading this book, my mind held one thought: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I can't remember the last time I found such unadulterated pleasure between the pages." —Angie Abdou, ferniefix.com

"Death's Last Run is Clare Vengel's most exciting adventure yet! Don't be fooled by Clare's sassy, irreverent attitude as she goes undercover on the slopes of Whistler. Underneath Clare's hip-chick exterior lies a perceptive thinker who grapples with deeper questions than whether or not she likes craft beer better than Budweiser, or if she'll be able to keep some of her snowboarder wardrobe after her assignment. The suspense in Death's Last Run draws you right in, but Clare's ventures into the terrain park of her own shortcomings really make this book shine." — Deryn Collier, author of Confined Space

Length: 300 pages
Setting: Whistler
Period: Contemporary
Publication Date: May 2013

Canada English rights, ECW Press

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Robin Spano

Robin Spano grew up in Toronto, studied physics in New Brunswick, and then traveled North America on her motorcycle. She met her husband while working as a waitress, and helped him run his Toronto pool room until they moved to Vancouver. Her favourite hobbies are snowboarding, playing poker, and boating.