Kate Taylor
A Man in Uniform

A Man in Uniform is vivid historical fiction centred around an imagined mystery ó the attempt to prove the innocence of convicted spy Alfred Dreyfus through an investigation of the social and military conspiracy that framed him. A page-turning jaunt through Paris at the end of the 19th century, the novel engages the reader with its compelling portrayal of lawyer Francois Dubon, a once unremarkable bourgeois solicitor now galvanized by his sense of injustice, and his growing attraction to the mysterious woman in black who first presents him with this dangerous but alluring challenge.

Praise for Kate Taylorís A Man in Uniform:

“At the end of the nineteenth century, the Dreyfus case tore France apart, dividing families over its caustic mix of anti-semitism and treason. Kate Taylorís new novel follows a mild-mannered lawyer whose involvement in the case reignites his passions, upsetting the equilibrium of his placid bourgeois life. With its fluid mix of detective fiction and domestic drama, A Man in Uniform is a gripping read.” óKate Pullinger, author of The Mistress of Nothing

“A deeply enjoyable book, A Man in Uniform is subtle, suspenseful, intelligentóand rife with false beards and lace peignoirs.” óMarina Endicott, author of Good to a Fault

“In these times... we dare not have blind faith in the willingness of our leaders to defend our most cherished rights and freedoms. Taylorís engaging novel, in creating a detailed historical world, reminds us of that ever-present danger.” óThe Globe and Mail

“Author Kate Taylorís portrait of honor and deception in turn-of-the-century Paris is alluring and suspenseful, an even greater testament to her skills as a writer when one considers that she draws her story from Franceís most notorious political scandal. . . . A Man in Uniform provides twists and turns fitting for a cozy mystery with an interesting historical setting. The charm of Taylorís novel lies in her seemingly effortless prose and plotting ó and her ability to make room for touches of subtle humor.” óAssociated Press

Length: 432 pp
Genre/Category: historical, mystery
Setting: Paris, France
Period: late 19th century

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Photo Credit: James Ramsay
  Kate Taylor is a Toronto writer and cultural journalist. She has an arts column at The Globe and Mail and before that served as theatre critic, winning two Nathan Cohen Awards for her reviews. Kate Taylor was born in France and raised in Ottawa.